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Dogs Country Club
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Whippet's Club

Whippet Off-Lead Sessions held on Saturdays 10am-11am.

Have you ever thought of letting your dog off lead to socialise in a secure and safe environment?
Dogs Country Club operates the largest enclosed space for private hire dedicated to dogs in the North West with a total size of thirteen acres. We offer a variety of play session.

Must ensure your dog is friendly & loves other dogs and people before attending the session. (If your dog is showing signs of aggression, or bullying, we would ask you to put him on the lead, wear a muzzle, or leave). If you are unsure whenever your dog will benefit from these sessions or have additional questions please call 07826872305.
The session is off-lead for all dogs so they can play ball, have fun and run around, in a friendly and secure environment.

Socialisation is so important for your dog's development. Dogs are social creatures and benefit from mixing in groups.
Puppies and young dogs learn many social skills at these gatherings - watching, listening and copying others in the group. Older dogs can benefit from that extra bit of excitement and stimulation - helping them to stay young at heart and fitter for longer. Plus, teaching those youngsters how to behave!

Meeting up with the gang is exactly what many dogs enjoy doing. So, join in the fun and let your dog learn to be........a happy, sociable dog!

**NOTE only friendly and sociable dogs are welcome.

If you are not sure whether your dog can benefit from socialising, please book a socialising assessment with us.

£5 first dog, £5 second dog, no cost for the third and fourth dog.

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