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Doggy Day Care

We provide an outstanding day care experience where dogs are genuinely cared for as shown by the 1,500 five star reviews, more than any other Day Care in the North West. Fully licensed and insured with trained and qulified staff, recomended by vets  and industry professionals.

The 'Unique Country Style Doggy Day Care' situated in thirteen acres of secure fields in the Cheshire countryside with extensive outdoor infrastructure, a freshwater lake, sand arena and dog training facilities. We also have comfy indoor facilities, where all dogs can learn to socialize and have mental stimulation through a range of interactive games and scent activities.

Why leave your dog at home when we have the perfect Day Care facilities for your dog to enjoy.


What We Do 

Here at Dogs Country Club we believe that is vital that the dogs split their time between activities that are physically stimulating, mentally stimulating, and 'down time'.

Physical stimulation is important in order to reduce your dog’s energy and manage their excitability. Our day care dogs receive this through:

  • Interaction & play with other dogs
  • Running through our secure fields
  • Swimming in our fresh water lake
  • Practicing balance & coordination on our agility equipment

Mental Stimulation is important in order to teach your dog to think for itself and to find excitement in learning new things. Our day care dogs receive this through:

  • Scent games
  • Basic obedience
  • Interactive toys
  • Whistle recall training

Down Time is important as dogs need plenty of sleep and rest in order for them to be happy and enjoy a balanced life style. Puppies, young dogs & older dogs in particular need more down time than adult dogs which we are able to accomodate.

The Benefits

The days at the Dogs Country Club Doggy Day Care are filled with fun, exercise and lots of interaction. No other Day Care Centre can offer the same facilities in the whole of the North West that’s why we are so unique.

Some of our benefits include:

  • Confidence building
  • Promotes calm behaviour in the home
  • Helps with separation anxiety
  • Human contact with new people
  • Socialisation
  • Peace of mind
  • Exercise & fitness

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