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Dogs Country Club
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Live Calendar - Events, Off-Lead Play Sessions

Off-Lea Play sessions/Breed Club/Puppy Party

Thursday 23rd June Beagle Club @10am - 11:30am
Thursday 30th June Beagle Club @10am - 11:30am


Saturday 25th June:

Field Hire @7am - 7pm
Whippets Club @10am - 11am
Small Dogs @11am - 12:30pm

Miniature/Toy Dog Breed @11am - 12:30pm
Medium & Large Dogs @11am - 12:30pm
Spaniel Club @12pm - 1:30pm
Puppy Party @1pm - 2pm
Cockapoo @2pm - 3:30pm

Sunday 26th June:

Field Hire @7am - 7pm
Sled Dog Club @10am - 11:30am
Puppy Party @11am - 12pm
Beagle Club @12pm - 1:30pm

Small Dogs @2pm - 3:30pm
Miniature/Toy Dog Breed @2pm - 3:30pm
Medium & Large Dogs @2pm - 3:30pm
Labrador/Retriever Club @4pm - 5:30pm


Off lead play session is like a dozen walks on a leash

  • secure fields
  • safe and friendly environment 
  • off lead play date
  • socialisation
  • health and fitness 
  • helps to control weight 
  • confidence building 
  • physical and mental stimulation 
  • calmer companion

Price per session, per one household: £7 per first dog, £5 per second dog and no cost for the third and the fourth dog.


The price includes:

  • Free parking
  • Free dog wash facilities 
  • One free hot drink per ticket (hot chocolate, tea or coffee).


Dogs Country Club
191 Slag Lane 

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    Dogs Country Club
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