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Did you know that Dogs Country Club is home to 27 of the most popular dog breeds in the UK, and we have organised more than 15,000 breed meets/play sessions since 2015! 

So why are they so popular and what are the benefits?

  • Safe & secure setting so your dog can enjoy off lead freedom
  • Socialisation is essential for a well rounded dog and great for their wellbeing meeting other furry friends regularly
  • People often become friends with others they meet here too! We aim to build a nice community of dog lovers
  • Staff always on hand to supervise sessions
  • Puppies learn social etiquette through our Puppy Party Play Sessions to build confidence and learning how to be around and play well with other dogs. This is an imperitive part of a Pup's socialisation and training. We split these into 3 groups according to your pup's size and stage too.
  • With a countryside setting, our fields are kept semi wild and designed with what the dogs will find most interesting. We have small lakes to 2 of our fields which the dogs love too. These natural, interesting environments provide the perfect setting for breed meet and play sessions.

Find out more about our Play Sessions here


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    our twitterour facebook page linkdin youtubeinstagram
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