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Book Your Dog's First Day


If your dog has not visited Dogs Country Club Doggy Day Care in the past 3 months or at all, you must attend a daycare induction/trial session.


You will need to have registered an account on the kennel booker system before arriving for your induction/trial, please follow LINK to register your account.


If this is not done, we may not be able to proceed with the induction/trial.


Doggy Day Care induction/trial takes place between Monday - Friday at 11.00am and 12pm.



What does the induction/trial consist of?
Upon arrival at the site, kindly proceed to the reception and inform the team of your purpose. The Day Care team will then engage in a discussion with you regarding your dog, ensuring a smooth transition for both of you.



What kind of questions can you expect during this conversation?

  • How are your dogs around other dogs they don’t know?
  • How is your dog with strangers?
  • Does your dog have any health concerns at all?
  • How is your dog when you leave them?
  • Has your dog attended any other daycare?
  • How is your dog when you walk them?



We will then take your dog from you to be assessed without you present, we will take them into the day care area (depending on their size this could be the Big’s area or smalls) and introduce them with other sociable dogs to see how they interact with others.


Once we have done the initial assessment, we will then come back to you to discuss how this went and what the next steps will be. If your dog passes the initial assessment, then they will need to stay with us in daycare for 2 hours. This gives us a better understanding of how they will be in the daycare environment.


After the 2 hours you will then need to collect your dog, please ensure to arrive at the agreed time that will be arranged with you after the initial induction.


If for any reason your dog is not suitable in this time frame you will be required to collect them ASAP, you must ensure that you are available throughout the duration of the trial.



We will give a full breakdown how their time with us went and any issues we may have found.


If your dog is accepted, you are welcome to book them in for the remainder of the day for an additional £10.



Once You have been accepted your account will be approved and you will be able to book your dog into day care as and when you require.


If you have more than 1 dog that you would like to attend Day Care, please bring them all along for the induction/trial as it is best to assess them together.

Once you register online please call the office via 07826872305 to book your desirable day and time. - Kennel Software

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