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Super Recalls


This Super Recalls workshop is built for you and your dog to have fun whilst learning vital skills in order to keep your dog safe. Recall is a very important part of your dog’s life, maybe the most important one of all. Being able to let your dog off the lead and enjoy a free run is the dream of every owner, but it doesn’t happen overnight! This comes with practice, patience and consistency along with the right techniques. This will mean that walks are relaxing, fun, safe and enjoyable for the dogs and owners, as well as ensuring that the dog is getting enough exercise which will benefit their fitness levels along with their physical and mental wellbeing.

Attending the Super Recalls class will teach you the skills and exercises that you can practice at home and out and about with your dog to build up the relationship you need to be able to call your dog back and away from distractions like other dogs, food, traffic or other animals.


Things that you need to bring:


  • High Value Treats (Chicken, cheese, ham etc)
  • A toy (One that your dog can tug)
  • A training long line (small dogs 5 metres, medium dogs 10 metres, large dogs 20 metres)
  • A standard lead, collar. You are welcome to use a harness or halti. But strictly no slip leads, or check collars.



Cost per dog:

The classes will last for 6 sessions, each session is 1hour long. The training will be fun, informative, positive training, structured with homework.

We offer 'Special packages for Dog Training Group Classes' - when you buy a course, you save £38 on our servicesFREE Doggy Day Care VOUCHER & 2 passes to attend the play session total worth  £38.


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