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Agility Club

Agility is an exciting sport that brings enjoyment to both you and your dog! Starting with fun classes and progressing to competitive levels, agility allows you and your furry friend to enhance your skills together.

In agility, you'll experience the thrill of jumps and tunnels. As you master these, you'll advance to more challenging elements like contacts and weaves.

Join the adventure of agility and embark on a journey of growth and partnership with your canine companion! It's not just physical but also requires mental focus and teamwork between you and your dog. As you progress, you'll learn to communicate more effectively, leading to a stronger bond and deeper understanding.

Agility provides exercise and challenges cognitive abilities. With changing layouts and obstacles, your dog will think quickly and problem-solve. It's a great way for your dog to gain confidence through positive reinforcement and consistent training.

Who can join?

Adult dogs and young dogs who have completed an obedience class and have mastered basic behaviours such as recall, sit, down, stay, and the ability to focus in a class setting with other dogs are eligible. This applies to puppies older than 8 months. For dogs enrolling in agility classes, it is necessary for them to be in good health, free from lameness or any other physical issues that would hinder their ability to fully enjoy the training.

Facilities and Equipment

Agility Classes will be held in the state of the art facilities with top-of-the-line KC equipment and experienced trainers to guide you through your agility journey. Our classes are designed for all breeds and sizes, from small dogs to large ones. Whether you are new to Agility or have previous experience, our courses will cater to your individual needs and goals.

  • KC Agility Competition Full Set
  • Aluminium Dog Wak
  • Aluminium SeeSaw
  • Aluminium A-Frame
  • 10 Competition Jump
  • Padded Long Jump
  • Outdoor Mark Poles
  • 5m Tunnel and Braces
  • Breakaway Tyre
  • Competition Weaves
  • Aluminium Number Set
  • Outdoor All-Weather Fully Secure Dog Friendly Sand Arena
  • Well-Lite is perfect for evening use

The Benefits

Agility is a thrilling and greatly popular dog sport that offers both enjoyment and competitive opportunities. It provides numerous benefits, including:

  • Building confidence
  • Improving your dog’s self-control
  • Strengthening off-lead control
  • Improving communication between owner and dog
  • Enchancing balance and coordination
  • Forming a strong bond between dog and owner

Agility is not just about physical prowess, but also mental acuity and teamwork. It requires a strong partnership between you and your dog to navigate through the challenges together. As you both progress in agility training, you'll develop a stronger understanding of each other's cues and communication styles.

In addition to the benefits mentioned above, agility can also be a great outlet for high-energy dogs. Many breeds have been bred for specific tasks, such as herding or hunting, and may not get enough mental and physical stimulation in daily life. Agility provides a fun and challenging activity that allows these dogs to use their natural instincts.

What is included in your course:

  • Training sessions on Saturdays or Sundays led by our amazing Sports Team.
  • Practice session midweek on Tuesdays/Thursdays from 7.15 pm - 9pm
  • Community of Agility Lovers
  • Free parking and delightful tea and coffee on-site.
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