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Loose Lead Walking

Would you like to enjoy leisurely walks with your dog, whether in town or on a country path, without the worry of them pulling you or being easily distracted? Our dedicated lead walking workshop is designed to teach you essential techniques that you can practice daily at home and during your walks. By doing so, you can enhance your dog's walking skills and their focus on you. 

Throughout the training scheme, we will work on walking around distractions using food, toys, and other dogs to simulate real-life scenarios. You will have the opportunity to tackle common challenges and discuss effective problem-solving techniques. We will conduct the practice sessions at Dogs Country Club, where you'll have a secure environment to train in. The club's secure fields will provide canine distractions, interesting scents to learn to walk away from, and livestock to practice ignoring.

The Loose Lead Walking course spans 6 consecutive weeks, offering a comprehensive training experience for both you and your dog. In weeks 4 and 5, we will take our dogs to the streets, introducing them to the art of road walking. This crucial aspect of lead walking allows your dog to encounter and adapt to real-life situations. Your dog will learn to walk calmly around the public, navigate the bustling sounds of traffic, interact with other dogs, and become accustomed to various intriguing smells. Additionally, our experienced trainers will provide tips and techniques to ensure your dog remains focused and well-behaved, making walks a pleasurable experience for both of you.

Where Dog Training Classes take place?

  • In purposely built indoor barns specifically designed for Dog Obedience Training at Dogs Country Club Training Centre. The first barn features a spacious astroturf flooring measuring 72ft x 30ft, while the second one offers an indoor sand arena of the same size.
  • Well-lit and cozy with efficient heating.
  • During the summer months, we provide a safe training field.
  • Free Parking.
  • On-site toilets.
  • In Weeks 4 and 5, we will take our dogs to the streets, introducing them to road walking. This crucial aspect of lead walking allows your dog to experience real-life situations, including walking around the public, traffic noise, other dogs, and various smells.

What if I miss the weekly session?

  • Don't worry if you miss a session; a Catch-Up 1-2-1 Session is available.
  • You have access to WhatsApp groups for ongoing support.

Loose Lead Walking TOP-UP workshop:

If you've completed a loose lead walking training with us or elsewhere, but feel like your dog could use a refresher course, our Loose Lead Walking Top-Up Workshop is just what you need.

Things that you need to bring:

  • High Value Treats (Chicken, cheese, ham etc)
  • A toy (One that your dog can tug)
  • A training long line (small dogs 5 metres, medium dogs 10 metres, large dogs 20 metres)
  • A standard lead, collar. You are welcome to use a harness or halti. But strictly no check or half check collars.


Cost per dog:

The course consists of 6 sessions, each lasting for 1 hour. Our training program is designed to be enjoyable, informative, and positive, with structured homework assignments. The cost is only £20 per week, making the total for the course £120. Please note that you now have the option to purchase the pay-weekly scheme! **Click here** for more information.

When you buy a course SAVE £42 on our services 'One FREE Doggy Day Care VOUCHER & 2 passes to attend the Off- Lead Play Session/or Breed Meets/or Puppy Party'




Loose Lead Walking TOP-UP Workshop

Loose Lead Walking 6-weeks course

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