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Combo Recall & Lead Walking

Dogs country club are now offering a training course with a combination of two of the most important things you’ll need from your dog… excellent recalls and nice loose lead walking. 
Who enjoys walking their dogs with constant strain on the lead, or your dog taking you for the walk? Then being afraid of letting your dog off the lead in case it doesn’t come back, or only comes back to you on their terms? 
This course will teach you all the techniques that you need in order to make lead walking more enjoyable, plus coming back to you more exciting and rewarding for your dog than running off and chasing squirrels. 


Things that you need to bring:

  • High Value Treats (Chicken, cheese, ham etc)
  • A toy (One that your dog can tug)
  • A training long line (small dogs 5 metres, medium dogs 10 metres, large dogs 20 metres)
  • A standard lead, collar. You are welcome to use a harness or halti. But strictly no slip leads, or check collars.

Cost per dog:

The classes will last for 6 sessions, each session is 1hour long. The training will be fun, informative, positive training, structured with homework.

We offer 'Special packages for Dog Training Group Classes' - when you buy a course

SAVE £38 on our services - One FREE Doggy Day Care VOUCHER & 2 passes to attend the Off-Lead Play Session total worth  £38.

Please note you can now use 'buy now, pay later scheme' if you are interested to learn more, please email to

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    our twitterour facebook page linkdin youtubeinstagram
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