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Puppy Party

Puppy Socialisation is weekly Sundays at 11 am.

Bring your Puppy to a great Party!

Puppy Party is a one-hour off-lead play session held in a secure environment. The aim of this session is to give your puppy ample opportunity to socialise with other puppies and to learn how to be a dog. The session is supervised by one of our experienced members of staff.

What will we learn?

Socialisation means getting your puppy used to the world: other dogs, other animals, humans of every gender and size, objects, things like noises, movement, materials to walk on.

Socialising for your dog is extremely important. Dogs Country Club Supervised Socialisation Class will help your puppy to have a safe experience and enjoy time with other puppies.

The area will be equipped with surfaces, mini-agility equipment, wobble cushions and boards, toys and things that make noises, water (sorry your puppy will get wet!) and other fun ideas.

It's worth noting that not all dogs are social or want to interact with other dogs by nature. And that is totally fine and normal!

Tips for Puppy Parties at DCC

1. Make yourself known to the staff member if you are new or it's your first few times. They can guide and help you.

2. Start by keeping your puppy high up and carry your puppy for the first few minutes. Let them observe what's going on.

3. Put your dog on the floor and observe how they behave. Watch their body language.

4. Do not force your puppy towards other puppies. Let them explore in their own time. Staying close to you is fine.

5. If your puppy looks uncomfortable, backs away from other dogs, runs away pick your dog up and just let them observe again.

6. Reciprocated play (switching roles during play) is what we look for. "You chase me then I chase you", "you wrestle me then I wrestle you".

7. If your puppy seems to be an overpowering puppy and doesn't let up please pick them up and give them some calm downtime. (We can move you up a class to join the small dog's play session)

8. On hot days, keep in shaded areas if possible, with plenty of breaks and keeping cool. Puppies are not able to regulate themselves therefore you need to control this.

9. Please no treats in play sessions.

10. If unsure and you would like to help a member of staff will always be willing to help you. Any problems please raise to a member of staff as soon as possible.


Who Can Join?

All puppies up to 6 months are welcome.

Though, we do ask that you consult with your vet before attending, in order to ensure that your puppy is safe to interact with other puppies.


Cost per dog:

£5 Per Puppy 


How to book:

No booking is necessary, simply turn up on the day.

But if you would like to ask any questions, please call or email us at:




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