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Training Tips of the Week
Tuesday, October 23 2018
Managing Excitability

Managing Excitability
Tip Of The Week
If your dog is constantly fizzing with energy and is easy to excite, taking care of them and keeping your sanity at the same time can be a challenge! If your dog goes loopy at the sound of the doorbell or the sight of their lead, and can often be found racing around the house, getting into mischief or bouncing up and down and clamoring at you and other people they meet, the chances are that you’ve got your hands full.

Some breeds and types of dogs are certainly more prone to excitability and hyperactivity than others, such as the collie, the husky and other working dog breeds such as the springer spaniel, and you should be aware of this before taking on a dog of these types. However, any dog large or small may be prone to hyperactivity, either as a learned behaviour or because the way that they are cared for and managed on a day to day basis is not wholly appropriate for their needs.

If you are having problems managing a hyperactive dog and wonder if there is anything that you can do to make life easier, read on to learn more.

A dog that is unruly or out of control may appear to be hyperactive, because they simply do not understand what is desired or expected of them, and that bouncing around and zooming about in some situations is not appropriate. Address your dog’s understanding of basic training commands and his compliance before you go any further. Channeling some of your dog’s energy into learning training commands will not only help to keep their mind engaged and cancel out some of their propensity to hyperactivity, but it is also an essential building block that is needed in order to be able to deal with your dog’s fizzy personality using other options.

Our next Managing Excitability Workshops are due to take place on:

• Saturday 17th November at 10am – 12pm

To enroll, please register with us online:…

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