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Reactive Dog Workshop

  • Do you have a dog that barks at other dogs or people when on a lead?
  • Does your dog look scared or excited and out of control at the end of the lead and nothing seems to work, not even the food to calm them down and get them focused on you?
  • Your walks are a nightmare and you feel embarrassed as you can’t seem to keep your naughty dog under control?
  • Does your dog get really stressed or high in certain circumstances and the only think they can do is bark and pull on the lead?

Your dog's reactive behaviour is likely triggered by various factors such as fear, excitement, or frustration. In such situations, the only response your dog knows is to overreact. The purpose of this workshop is to help you understand why your dog reacts this way and provide you with the necessary tools to help them cope better with different situations. By adjusting their behaviour and equipping them with new strategies, we aim to improve their overall well-being.

What will we learn:

  • dog behaviour and dog body language
  • will teach you exercises to disengage your dog’s attention from the trigger
  • tricks to help your dog calm down and redirect his attention on you
  • with understanding about your dog behaviours will come confidence handling your dog in situations
  • teach your dog to make more appropriate choices in difficult situations
  • building a walking routine to help your dog confidence
  • using appropriate gear to walk your dog, the right harness, lead and head collar when needed
  • how to make good choices for your dog: the right walk, the right environment, the right treats
  • how to build an even stronger relationship with your dog
  • clicker training, teach your dog to think and offer new behaviours
  • build your dog confidence working around other dogs in a spaced-out field and in a real-life environment
  • have a great community support at Dogs Country Club, through the online support group and the team.

The workshop will last approximately 1 hour and 30 minutes.

The workshop will be in our conference area and without your dogs, so you can leave them at home. 


What are you going to take home from this workshop?

A better understanding of your dog’s behaviour, why your dog is reacting and how to help them. With better understanding comes your confidence, you will be able to handle situations better.

Tools, strategies and exercises to practice on your walk to avoid reactivity, to calm your dog down if a reaction happens.

Following the class, we have 1:1 sessions with the instructor to help build on the reactivity skills taught in the initial workshop, following a successful 1:1, we will then move to a group class setting of no more than 6 dogs to allow you and your pup to put your skills into place and work on this further.


Anything else needed before booking?

Before booking onto the workshop we would like you to have your dog checked by a vet to make sure he/she is not dealing with pain or health problems. Pain, discomfort, physical limitations can cause behaviour problems.

Things that you need to bring:

  • Notepad 
  • Pen


What About After-Care?

Yes. We will send you Reactive Dogs Workshop Handout to help you to follow your training. Plus we hold the 1:1 sessions to help you and your dog put these new learnt skills into place and an 8 week course for after you have completed the 1:1 sessions - the support you'll receive from our training team and fellow reactive dog owners makes our workshop the paw-fect place to start your journey to a happier you and happier pup!

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