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Training Tips of the Week
Tuesday, January 30 2018
Space Etiquette For Dogs


This is a HOT topic.
We have many reactive dogs coming to Dogs Country Club, some for training, some to enjoy the freedom in a safety enclosed space where both them and their owner can enjoy time without stressing, some still don't have an aware owner but they are reacting and stressing.

How do you know a dog is reactive?

First, look at your dog body language:

- tail: if down and hidden, your dog is scared of meeting other dogs on the lead, create space
- ears: if they are down on the head, it's expressing fear
- eyes: big and with lots of white, it's a scared eye
- posture: trying to hide, trying to make him/herself small, you dog is telling you and the other dog that is not happy
- breathing: accelerated breathing means fear and nervousness
- hackles up: fear 

If your dog reacts by growling, barking, showing teeth to the other dog approaching on the lead, all the huckles are up, freezing in a stand, no tail wagging (or tail wagging while furiously barking), it doesn't like to be approach.
The same is if a dog is showing those behaviour towards your dog, that means he/she doesn't want to have a meeting on the lead.

Not every dog is sociable, even if they are in a place where a lot of other dogs are around and off the lead they don't perform the same behaviour, it doesn't mean they want to be approach on the lead.

Be aware of what dogs are telling each other, to make everyone more at ease and respect everyone's right to keep distance and work on their reactive dogs! 🐶🐕

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