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Training Tips of the Week
Monday, July 01 2019
3 Ways to exercise your dog on a rainy day

3 Ways to exercise your dog on a rainy day

As it turns out, summer in the UK isn’t a guarantee, even In June!
We have come up with 3 ways to help you to exercise your energetic pooches without stepping foot in the rain.

1. Trick Training 
Trick Training is an awesome way to spend some quality time with your dog, burn energy and learn something new in the process. Training tricks doesn’t usually take up much space, so it is easy to do in the living room or hall. Perhaps learn new tricks like “middle”, weaving between your legs, balancing a treat on their nose etc.

2. Enrichment Games 
Food puzzles are a great way to offer mental stimulation and enrichment for your dogs. Food puzzles offer a challenge to your dog, with the reward being something delicious, these can be easily made at home using water bottles, boxes, blankets etc. Or, they are usually available in pretty much any pet shop, and they vary in difficulty, making them suitable for dogs of any ability.

3. Hide and Seek
Playing hide & seek with your dog might sound silly, but its actually a great way to burn some energy and reinforce the importance of recall.
How to play:
1. Grab a handful of treats, something quite light and healthy for them.
2. Have your dog “sit” and “stay” whilst you find a hiding place, start off pretty easy, like around a corner. Make sure it isn’t too difficult as your dog may lose interest
3. Call your dog only once or twice, if they are struggling to find you, then call them again.
4. When your dog finds you, reward them with treats and praise, keep them in the spot you hid, and find a new more difficult hiding place.

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