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Benefits Of Play Sessions


Enjoy safe secure fields for off lead playtime. Don't worry about recall or easily distracted dogs. Friendly dogs only.

Health & Fitness

Attending Play Sessions will help to keep your dog fit and healthy. Activities they do: fresh water lake swimming, sniff all the bushes and trees, thrilled to race another dog from one end of the field to the other and many more!


Dogs are social creatures and benefit from mixing in groups. There are lots of other dogs on the play session of different breeds, ages and sizes. Meeting up with the gang is exactly what many dogs enjoy doing.

Weight Management

As well as off-lead running and play, dogs are able to swim in the lake which is a great way to help manage weight and beneficial to those needing less impact on their joints while also helping to improve muscled tone.

Confidence Building

Play sessions help dogs to build confidence and become more comfortable around their canine companions and learn how to interact with other dogs.

Physical & Mental Stimulation 
Meeting up with their friends provides your dog with the physical and mental stimulation it needs.

Calmer Companion

After all the fun and games of the play session your dog will be much calmer at home afterwards.    

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