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Do I need a Veterinary Referral for Behavioral Consultations?

Yes, a veterinary referral is required for all behaviour consultations. This is due to a strong link between health and behaviour and the need to consider all possible contributing factors. Behaviour problems can be the first indication of a physical problem and this needs to be ruled out prior to starting behaviour modification. A referral form from your vets must be received at the time of booking in order to proceed with your appointment.


What should I do if my veterinarian refuses to provide a referral for my dog to a behaviourist and declines to complete the referral form?
Most veterinarians will refer to an accredited behaviourist if they confirm that the behaviour problem is not caused by a medical issue. However, some may have preferred behaviourists for referrals and may hesitate to refer to us if they haven't worked with our behaviourist before. You have the right to request a referral to any behaviourist you prefer, so it's worth mentioning this to your veterinarian. If they still hesitate, please reach out to us, and our behaviourist can directly communicate with your veterinarian to discuss a referral.

My veterinarian has not mentioned the referral to a behaviourist. Does this imply that I am unable to schedule a consultation with a Dog Behaviourist?

You may request a referral to a behaviourist from your vet at any time. It is likely that you will need to book a consultation with your vet to discuss this and so that any physical contributing factors can be ruled out or addressed prior to referral.

In order to receive a vet behavioural form from the vet clinic do I need to make an appointment to visit my vet or can I request this over email?

If your dog has had a recent health check and behavioural issues have been discussed with your vet previously then they may be happy to refer without another appointment. However, it is very important that any medical causes for behavioural issues are ruled out or addressed prior to referral to a behaviourist so an appointment with your vet for a thorough health check and discussion regarding the behaviours concerned is often necessary.

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