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Behaviour consultation

Temperament consultations require more time and study than a general obedience 1-2-1 session.

For that reason, we have a special booking system for our behaviour problems that will give you and us more time to work around your dog needs and will offer you and your dog a better service.

The behaviour issues we can address:

  • reactivity on lead
  • fear aggression
  • nervous behaviours
  • noise sensitivity
  • general anxiety issues
  • incessant barking
  • chasing issues (chasing cars, chasing birds)

When aggression to people has already ended into a bite, please contact us to assess each case before booking. Biting people issue could be referring to a vet behaviourist to start with, depending on the case.

Before booking a 1-2-1 for behaviour problems we would like you to have your dog checked by a vet to make sure he/she is not dealing with pain or health problems.

Pain, discomfort, physical limitations can cause behaviour problems.

Our 1-2-1 for behaviour problems is 1.5hours long. This will give us the time to assess your dog, talk about his/her history and background, life style, food habits and everything we need to know to be able to help your dog the best we can.

The 1-2-1 will start with a chat between the trainer and the owner, during which depending on the dog and on the day, your dog will be able to run off lead with us in one of our fields or in the barn in case of rain. Advice and exercises will be then shown and explained by our trainer and you will take home a written sum up of the lesson with your homework and some flyers to help with learning and follow up.

When possible, if needed and if your dog is at the stage already, we will work with some stooge dogs, using some of our own dogs who have a passive temperament.



Behaviour Consultation (1st Session 1.5hours) - £50

Behaviour Consultation (Following Sessions 1hour) - £35

Payment is required in advance to secure your booking. There is a 48hour cancellation policy after which payment is non-refundable.


How to book:

To book, simply email or call us at: 




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