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Gundog Training

  • Do you have a dog that just loves retrieving?
  • Do you happen to have a high-energy dog who requires a lot of attention?
  • How about a dog with a high prey drive?
  • Do you own a gundog breed or a mixed-breed dog who needs an outlet for their retrieve breed traits?


Our Gundog Training Classes for pets are a great outlet for your dog’s innate behaviours. A chance to work with their natural instincts, improve engagement, handler focus, techniques and training skills, through fun and engaging exercises!

Designed to work on the basics such as whistle recall, sit stay and heelwork, alongside stop cues, directional work and hunting. Your dog doesn’t have to be a gundog breed to take part, as long as they have an interest in retrieving, come and have a go!

What does my dog need in order to join the class?

To join the class, your pup must be have:
- Reasonable recall
- Basic lead walking
- The ability to maintain a calm behaviour
- The ability to have a safe and enjoyable time outside on walks

What can my dog get out of gundog training?
- Mental stimulation; a great way to enhance the senses while building on new skills.
- Bonding; through trust earning exercises you and your pup are sure to become a lost closer to trust each other's instincts.
- Physical activity; our course encourages the retrieving of dummies which means there is an aspect of exercise for you and your pup. They are sure to be ready for a nap after each fun and knowledgable course.
- Connection to nature; we spend so much time sat at desks or on the sofa that we forget just how beatiful our local area is. Set in our fantastic secure fields with access to the lakes, our location is the perfect backdrop for your training lessons. 
- And so much more!

What types of training methods do you use?

Our training methods are all R+ meaning we are a positive reinforcement training centre; this also means we never use punishment or aversive methods to train our dogs - only positive reinforcement such as praise and rewards. Science and research shows us that this is the best way to train our dogs to do exacly what we want (or need) them to do!

How many dogs are in a class and where are they taught?

Our group classes are limited to 8 dogs and are spent inside our secure fields and around teh lake so that we can work around distractions but also achieve our goal - an AMAZING pet gun dog!

What is the cost of the course?

The course consists of 8 sessions, each lasting 1 hour. Our training program is designed to be enjoyable, informative and fun with new skills developing each week! The cost is only £20 per week, making the total of the course £160. Please note that you do have the option to purchase this course via our pay weekly scheme! 

Alongside the course you can SAVE £39 on our services with 'ONE FREE DOGGY DAYCARE VOUCHER' and 2 free off lead play session vouchers to our breed meets and puppy parties - pawfect to add more fun to your pups day with our Club!


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