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Collies and Sheep Dogs

Sunday 28th April at 3.30pm
More dates coming soon

All Collies, Sheep Dogs, and their owners are invited to come along and join in the fun at the Collie and Sheep Dog Off-Lead Play Sessions.  Your dog can enjoy playing off-lead with other dogs in an interesting and natural environment. All fields are secure and brilliant for Collies and Sheep Dogs to play off-the lead! Sessions are for Collies and Sheep Dogs and anyone who lives with a Collies and Sheep Dogs, those are drop-in, no booking is required.

Socialisation is great for your dog's development. Dogs are social creatures and benefit from mixing in groups. Puppies and young dogs learn many social skills at these gatherings - watching, listening, and copying others in the group. Older dogs can benefit from that extra bit of excitement and stimulation - helping them to stay young at heart and fitter for longer. Plus teaching those youngsters how to behave! 
Meeting up with the gang is exactly what many dogs love to do, and they aren't afraid to shout about it too! Dog Siblings Are Welcome!

  • Excellent rating
  • Largest enclosed private park for dogs in the Northwest

Price per session, per one household: £8 per first dog, £5 per second dog and no cost for the third and the fourth dog.

 The price includes:

  • Free parking
  • Free dog wash facilities 
  • One free hot drink per ticket (hot chocolate, tea or coffee).

Off-Lead Play Session Rules:

  • Only friendly and sociable dogs are welcome. 
  • No more than 2 dogs per handler. 
  • Read Off-Lead Play Sessions Etiquette
  • Do not bring toys, balls, food or treats to the off-lead play session.
  • Do not bring female dog in heat/season-please wait at least 4 weeks from the start of the season.
  • If your dog is showing any behaviour issues before attending any off-lead play session book Dog Socialisation Assessment
  • Take your dog’s temperament into consideration, not every dog will benefit from off-lead play sessions, to learn more about your dog temperament Dog Socialisation Assessment
  • Dog Siblings Are Welcome!

You must book a Dog Socialisation Assessment if:

  • your dog has never been off-lead before with other dogs and you don't know how he/she will react.
  • your dog is a rescue with a hazy background.
  • your dog is over-boisterous and you are not sure if other dogs are safe.
  • your dog is lunges at other dogs while barking on the lead.
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