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Training Tips of the Week
Friday, May 04 2018
Training Tip of the Week - Puppy Socialisation

What is more important is making sure that you give your puppy the right socialisation! First, what is socialization?

it's getting your puppy used to the world and everything there is around them: dogs, cars, people, noises, new situations and other animals. It's important that you do your puppy socialisation when he/her is ready for it.

Not forcing your puppies into situations they cannot cope with will increase your puppy trust in you and also you will give your puppy time to gain confidence and take things at their own pace.

Look at your puppy body language to learn more about how they feel about a new situation: tail is up or down, ears are back, is he/she looking for a place to hide, your legs or someone else's, a place to escape, is his posture upright or bending down like hiding? Don't leave your puppy in a situation if they are not happy, they will remember a negative association.

Socialising with dogs is also important if done the proper way. Make sure your puppy has a chance to interact with dogs his own age/size to avoid injuries and accident. If playing with big dogs, make sure the other dog is not too much for your young puppy.

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