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Training Tips of the Week
Tuesday, March 27 2018
Tip of the Week - Recall

Tip of the Week - Recall

Allowing your dog to have a superb recall is an extremely important exercise when training obedience.

Having a good recall allows you to have your dogs off lead with the knowledge that they will come back without problems. It also helps ensure that you have their attention when required and will immediately return to you if their safety or the safety of others is jeopardised.

The key to a good recall is a HIGH ENERGY! You have to be more interesting than everything else around them. Don’t be afraid to jump around and embarrass yourself. If it gages the dog, that’s all that matters!

A good recall is built up over time and can be done with the use of toys/ treats, longlines, and consistency. Settle on a recall name and stick to it! Recall is always done with the distance between your dog and yourself, so the further your dog is, the stronger your recall needs to be.

To start training recall with your dog –

- Start in a distraction-free environment.
- Teach him with a name only used for recall (This can be a variation of your dog's name or a nickname)
- Incorporate a collar grab – Once your dog reaches you, you don’t want them to run away again. Rewarding your dog whilst grabbing it’s collar not only allows you to put the lead on but also keeps the dog with you.
- Always reward your dog when they come to you when shouted.
- Motivate your dog! Give them a reason to come to you. Waving toys, being exciting, having irresistible food or running away and letting them chase are sure-fire ways to get your dog to come to you!

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