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Training Tips of the Week
Thursday, March 01 2018
What is Basic Obedience?


Basic obedience should be essential for every dog. It helps in all aspects of living from a simple walk in the park to competing in agility. Having basic obedience and control over your dog can make a lot of activities less stressful and more enjoyable for both you and your pooch!

When training a dog with basic commands, it is important to stay consistent.

Try not to confuse your dog with mixed signals. If your dog isn’t allowed on the sofa, make sure EVERYONE knows.

Keep commands short and sweet.

Instead of “Stop it!”, “Oi!” or “Don’t do that!” – Opt for a command as simple as “No!”

Repeat, Reward, Reinforce!

Go over exercises repeatedly to ensure your dog is learning what is being taught.

Reward each exercise with a high energy celebration! (and treats of course) Dogs feed off a persons energy so being excitable when rewarding lets the dog know they have done good.

Reinforce behaviours with treats. Keep trying particular behaviours in different places and on different days to make sure this behaviour is learnt. You never know when your going to need a good sit!

To improve your dogs general obedience, check out upcoming dates for our Kennel Club Good Citizen Courses:

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