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Training Tips of the Week
Wednesday, January 10 2018
Puppy Tip of the week

*** puppy tip of the week***
Dogs are animals that learn from routines as well as training and reinforcement. Many times we don't even realize it but some rountine is reinforcing for them, so they learn a new behaviour!
We need to be very careful we don't teach them a routine that we don't want them to eventually have when they are older!
One example:
my puppy learned that after the last wee in the evening, they all get a treat and then we go to sleep! He loves his food so much that now when I open the garden door to let them out, he will go out but then he runs back in straigh away to have a treat... forgettin to have a wee!!! and then runs upstairs to get another treat in the crate! ;) clever isn't it?
Tell us some of your puppies learned behaviours!

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