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Friday, December 29 2017
Dog body language: how much do you know?

Dog body language: how much do you know?

Have you always asked yourself, is my dog happy? is he worried? In pain? How to tell?

Dogs speak with their body and with their voice. Only one part of their body alone doesn't tell the whole truth, you need to learn how to read the dog and how to place that in the context.

Some example that can mean different things

- tail wagging: usually a waggy tail is a happy dog, but when the dog is barking and reacting the tail moves as well?! Tail wagging can mean nervousness as well.

- growl: dogs communicate with their voce as well. Most of the time a grow is associated to an aggressive behaviour but dogs can growl as well when they play, between each other or with you. Again the context is important to derminate what emotional state is behind that growl

- play bow: play bow in general is seen as in invite to play but sometimes at the expert eye the play bow is also a way to stop and unwelcome interaction.

Do you have any questions about your dog behaviour? Would you like to learn more about how to help your dog being a happier dog? Through understanding each other comes better communication and a better relationship.

Q&A "undestand your dog language" session will be available during the week and on Saturday. Dates soon to be released, please comment here to be updated about dates and time!

This sessions will be without your dog, bring your questions with you, pen and paper to have some answers!

Have some time to learn theory and talk about DOGS!

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