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Training Tips of the Week
Wednesday, November 29 2017
Timing in dog training and rewards!


Timing in dog training and rewards!

How important is timing when you train a dog? 
Timing in rewarding or marking the exact behaviour you want to reward is very important.

If you use a marker (a clicker or a voice marker) make sure that you mark the exact behaviour you intented to reward! Using a marker makes your training much more precise. It's like freezing a picture in your dog's brain, allowing your dog to understand exacly what behaviour you liked.
Remember when you mark a behaviour you have to reward, always!!!
Why is a marker is different from a normal praise (like "good dog!) ? The marker is a training tool, makes your training much more efficient and precise. The praise is just the way you communicate with your dog that you are happy about something. The praise doesn't need to be followed by a reward!

How to reward to make sure our dog learns what we want them to learn? If you are not using a marker or you just want to reward something like a recall, the time of your reward has a big importance! In your dog brain you only reward the last behaviour your dog does. An example? If you are training your puppy for recall and then when the puppy comes to you, before rewarding, you ask for a sit... you are actually rewarding the sit " behaviour" and not the recall! You can add later a sit as well, when the first behaviour (the recall) has been learned and reward enough to make it valuble!

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