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Training Tips of the Week
Saturday, October 14 2017


The importance of chewing for your dog is massive!
Dogs have strong mouth and teeth and it is because their are build to chew bones.

Our society change our dogs habits and with feeding kibbles and wet food or even minced raw food we are not always providing our dogs need of chewing.

It's important for young dogs that are changing teeth as having something available to chew will avoid them going through your furnitures.

it's a way to burn energies the day that it's raining and they cannot go for long walks and reduce boredom. It will keep them entertained for hours and will stimulate brain and body.

It's a great way to keep their teeth clean, it will help avoiding the plaque to form.

For stressed dogs, dogs that are reactive and come back from a walk with some negative energies and for dogs that are resting from injuries will benefit for chewing; chewing release endorphines that create an analgesic effect and also a sense of happiness.

What kind of chew are good for your dogs?

Choose the chew depending on the side, give always something that is bigger to avoid your dog to swallow it whole.
Always supervise your dog while chewing.

Some example of chew are: raw bones with marrow, nylon bones, antlers, buffalo horns, pizzles, dried or raw trachea, dried paddywack, hoofs, rabbit ears, pig and cow ears, pig trotters, dried tripe and many more!

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