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Training Tips of the Week
Friday, October 27 2017
Bonfire Night


Bonfire Night is getting closer and your dogs will need all the help we can give them to avoid getting scared of fireworks or to help those that are already afraid to live that night with less fear.
It’s important to start your preparation in advance so that when you need to put everything in place you are prepared and know what to do.
First and very important, if you have a dog that is afraid or a puppy that never experienced Bonfire Night, don’t leave them home alone! If you can’t get away and you have to stay home, stay at home with them. They will need your support and your presence.

If you have a anxious dog there are some natural remedies that can help your dog: 
- Bach Flower Mix 100: The normal dose of Bach flowers mix 100 is 6 x 4 drops spread over the day, with extra drops if your dog is distressed. In cases of severe upset (for example at New Year when there are lots of loud bangs) you can give your dog the drops every five minutes. (from…/combatting-a-fear-of-f…)
- Essential oil Frankincense, Lavender, Bergamot. You can use it as a blend or use only Frankincense that is the most appropriate for fear of loud noises. Diffuse it in the house, have it on yourself or put a drop on your dog’s collar or Thundershirt .
- Dorwen Valerian Compound…/valerian-compound-for-dogs-and-c…/

The use of a Thundershirt or a Calming Shirt or bandages can help and give your dogs a comforting sensation. Get them used to a Thundershirt in advance. Don’t just use it when there are fireworks, start using it tomorrow and get them use to wear it in the evening and on walks.

Walk your dogs very early and keep them inside until the fireworks are over. Make sure to keep tv on, music, to have your dog in a room where there are no windows if you have one to make the sound less loud. 
Don’t ignore your dog. Fear can’t be reinforced by attention and affection. You want to stay with your dog and keep them close to you. 

Use food or toys to distract them if they like them enough. Get some Kong ready in the freezer to give your dog to keep distracted with high value food.
Get a corner ready like a crate or under the bed where your dog can go and hide, if they feel safer there.

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