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Training Tips of the Week
Wednesday, August 16 2017
Lead walking: how to start right with your puppy?


Lead walking: how to start right with your puppy?

Lead walking is one of the common training issues that everyone will go through when the puppy start getting some confidence and want to start exploring the world.

It is normal for a young dog to want to investigate the environment and doing so taking your with them!

There are a few tips that will prevent having a dog that believe is a sled dog and you his/her sleigh!±

Don't buy a short lead. Even if your puppy is small, the need to explore the environment will still be there and having your puppy on a 1 m line will restrain your dog chance to move around you. 
There are light training leads that will extend to 1.30 or 2 metres or there are some puppy lines that re 2 metres long and very light. Making sure that your puppies doesn't end into any danger, take him/her to walk in a park or a green area with a longer line. 
Pulling sometimes is a habit, because they cannot investigate without taking you with them, they learn that if they keep going you will follow.
This bad habit will eventually transform into a bad pulling behaviour when they are strong enough to move you. 
Also, use a harness. The harness leaves your puppy more free to move the head and to sniff the ground, avoiding the pulling that will happen when the collar will prevent the head to reach the ground.

Dogs learn bad behaviours because we allow them to rehearse them! 

Working on your dog focus and attention is very important too. If you teach your puppy that everything they see, like a person or a dog, they have to go and meet them, they will think this is their job! They will start pulling your toward distractions because you allow it since they are very young.
How to prevent having a dog that pull you towards other dogs and people? Avoid greetings on the lead! 
There is a time for play and greetings and socialization, lead walking is something between you and your dog, enjoy it together! Pay attention to your puppy, stop to do some training while walking, stop on a green area to play with a toy, sit on a bench and let them process the environment without the need to interact with everything.

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