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Training Tips of the Week
Thursday, December 22 2016

Christmas is a great opportunity for you to spend lots of valuable time with your puppy, as the holidays are relaxed and for most of us work free!!

If you have family visiting, and your puppy is not used to being in an environment with a lot of people, introduce it gradually to avoid any over excitement that can lead to your pup jumping up and scratching a family member that may not be too keen on dogs! Give your puppy some time off in the crate or put them in another room to relax and sleep.

Feed your puppy as usual, they are not expecting anything special! If you want to provide a different meal, some raw or cooked meat and vegetables is the best option.

Here are some very important things you need to be aware of during Christmas dinner and lunch;


Please keep your food well protected!!  Things such as Chocolate, Bones from the Roast and raisins in the pudding are not good for your dog. Make sure you keep your dog safe from the food he is not supposed to have!

If you have a big day ahead to celebrate Christmas, then please take your puppy for a longer walk in the morning and do some training!

If you have a new puppy coming in just before Christmas, make sure to keep him/her in a quiet environment during the Christmas celebrations and try not to overwhelm him/her with all the people and noises.

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