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Scent Detection for Pet Dogs Series 1

Scent Detection for pet dogs is a fast-growing activity that uses scent dog training techniques similar to those used for operational dogs trained to seek out drugs, bombs, firearms, cash, and missing people.

Harness your dog’s natural ability to sniff and search and become an amazing detection team.

No previous scent work training is required for series 1.

Dogs from as young as 12 weeks can take part.

Any dog that likes to sniff is welcome to join in, all breeds are welcome.

Scent Detection training is all about having fun with your dog, but it will also help you outside of the classroom by:

  • Teaching focus
  • Helping your dog learn to listen
  • Building confidence
  • Forming trust in your relationship
  • Promoting calm and relaxation through mental stimulation
  • Relieving boredom – great for rainy days!

In the UK Sniffer Dogs Series 1, you will learn scent identification and scent indication techniques to find your target scent which is Red Kong. Your dog will learn to search and find the scent in various places like pipes, pots, bags, chairs and novel areas.

Once you’ve learned how to harness your dog’s sniffing powers you can enjoy doing it every day in any area with minimal equipment. You may even want to start to compete if you catch the nose work bug!

Once you have completed series 1 and 2 you will be able to take part in Bronze UK Sniffer Dogs trails.

Is scent work suitable for reactive dog?

We are able to take 1 dog that needs a little more space or maybe classed as reactive.
Scent work is great for reactive dogs as it provides a huge focus point for them to engage with which helps block out surrounding distractions.

Maximum number of dogs in the session:

Things that you need to bring:

  • A RED Kong – size to suit the dog
  • Lots of bite-sized high-value treats
  • Flat collar or harness with training or standard lead – no extendable leads 
  • A positive training attitude

Cost per dog:


6 Week Course - £66

  • Thursday 25th July at 6pm
  • Thursday 5th September at 6pm

How to book:

To book, simply email or call us at: 


Looking for obedience training have you considered the Bronze Award 

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