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Rally Obedience (Rally-O).

What is Rally-O?

It is one of the latest sport to be recognized by the Kennel Club and it comes from America. Is a sport that originates from the heelwork part of competitive obedience. Rally is all performed with your dog on heel position and you and your dog together going around a course with numbered signs that indicates different exercises.

You and your dog will work as a team and will progress around the set course by judge or trainer without stopping and without any indication from the judge. You can talk to the dog and praise the dog with your voice through out the whole course.

There are 6 levels and 50 different exercises in total, each new level has more difficult exercises and level 1 is performed on lead that must be loose, any tight lead will be penalized. Higher levels will require the dog to be off lead.

Each round will start with a START sign and will continue for 10-17 signs (depending on the level) that the handler will have lo leave on the right, apart from some signs where is asked otherwise, having the dog in the heal position on the left. Some signs will require the handler to stop to do the exercises and they are called static exercises, some signs will show exercises that the handler/dog team will perform in motion without stopping. The round is finished at the FINISH sign at the end.

The exercises range from heelwork, to a recall, to control exercises such as a Halt–Sit and Halt–Sit–Walk Around, turns left and right on 90 or more degrees, presents in front and send back to heel and fun exercises like figure of eight and spiral around cones.

You can have a look at rally signs here:


Who is Rally Obedience for?

Dogs and young dogs that have done an obedience class and have basic behaviors like Recall, Sit, Down, Stay and the ability to concentrate in a class while other dogs with other dogs.

It is suitable to puppies older then 8 month.


Why is Rally a good sport to do with your dogs?

  • I will help to improve your relationship with the do
  • It is mental and physical stimulation for your dog
  • Rally is fun and motivating, your dog will learn new tricks that you can show to your friend or use to have a more obedience dog
  • It is good for different age and breed, even young dogs can join a Rally class!
  • To improve your dog's focus and lead walking skills
  • To work on recall and proximity, if your dogs find highly rewarding to work close to your all your dog training will improve

Kennel Club beginner guide:


What shall I bring with me?

  • Bring with you lots of treats, especially high value (cheese/ sausages/ chicken/ ham)  
  • a clicker
  • a tuggy toy
  • a ball on a rope and some favorite toys.


How long is the class?

The classes will last for 8 sessions, each session is 1 hour long. The training will be fun, informative and….provide you with the guidance to carry on training your dog at home.

All our training is positive reinforcement base method, building a strong and happy relationship with your dog using treats, toys and social reward. 

The cost only £10 per week per session, the total cost for the course is £80.


How to book:

To book, simply email or call us at: 


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