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Good Dog, Bad Dog: Inside the World of Doggy Day Care

"Good Dog, Bad Dog: Inside the World of Doggy Daycare"

3 hour TV documentary Channel 5 - United Kingdom, on iPlayer and Download.


Dogs Country Club is the largest unique dog service centre provider in the UK took part in the first season of Good Dog, Bad Dog: Inside the Wold of Doggy Day Care. The documentary is focusing on the dogs that attend the Doggy Day Care and behind the scene to find out what our four-legged friends get up to while we are at work. Dogs Country Club Doggy Day Care residents are able to access all the facilities that centre used to offers. High Speed 2 (HS2) has affected our operation and we now no longer offer the services that are featured in the show.


About us:

At Dogs Country Club we have met over 50,000 dogs and their wonderful owners! We pride ourselves on achieving more than 1000 five star reviews and recommendations and creating the largest unique dog service centre provider in the UK. The services that we used to offer included:

  • doggy day care
  • secure private field hire
  • home boarding
  • off-lead play sessions
  • breed clubs
  • dog training
  • puppy parties
  • fundraising charity events 
  • dog festivals 
  • first aid canine workshops
  • dog grooming
  • dock diving (sports)
  • agility club 
  • first doggy wedding in the UK took place at Dogs Country Club.


We love every aspect of the business and succeeded in each one of them! We were keen to open Dogs Country Club (DCC) all over the UK through franchising scheme. The High Speed 2 (HS2) shattered our plans by taking away the opportunity to fulfil the dream of multiple locations for Dogs Country Club services across the UK. As we no longer can do the franchising scheme we are proving Canine Business Consultancy Services and Canine Online Business School.


Would You Like To Invest In Your Own Unique And Successful Country Club For Dogs?


Canine Business Consultancy service is tailored one to one service provided by the leadership team who is behind the successful Dogs Country Club business model unique to the UK. The leadership team has expertise in growing a sustainable highly profitable unique canine business with multiple income streams. The Dogs Country Club unique business model has no competitors in the UK market and has high demand from canine pet owners. We have proven expertise in creating the unique high profitable business model in the canine industry. We are excellent at what we do and can turn your passion and enthusiasm into a highly profitable business. If you are a business owner, investor, landowner, farmer or high achieving individual and looking for a profitable business within the canine industry please read the page about the Canine Business Consultancy Service and the get in touch 07515941995 or email




Canine Business School:

Dogs Country Club Canine Business School is a learning courses targeting business skills that are essential for running the successful canine business. We will help you to turn your passion and enthusiasm into a profitable and thriving business. Dogs Country Club was the largest unique dog service centre provider in the UK. Learn from the success of Dogs Country Club best practices. Canine Business School will help you to run your own Home Boarding, Daycare, Dog Training, Field Hire and Events business. Through the Canine Business School, we will deliver the best business management practices that we developed and employed over the years. In the short space of time, your new dog business venture will become the beating heart of the community. To learn about Canine Business School press HERE




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