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Doggy Day Care Terms & Conditions

All owners allowing their dogs to attend our day care will

Automatically accept these terms & conditions


I understand and agree that by placing my dog into the day care, I am declaring that my dog is in good health and has not caused harm or shown aggression towards any other person or dog.

I understand that whilst all interactions are carefully monitored at Dogs Country Club injuries can occur even with the best supervision. I understand that I am fully responsible for the medical treatment of any injury or illness received whilst in the care of Dogs Country Club.

I further agree that any health problems that develop with my dog shall be dealt with in the manner deemed appropriate by the staff at Dogs Country Club and take full financial responsibility for any costs involved. In such an event I authorise the staff at Dogs Country Club to access clinical records and obtain treatment from either my own vet or the closest veterinary practice. (My Pets Vets, Lowton.)

I further agree to accept full financial responsibility for treatment required by any other dog in the day care should this treatment be required due to any injury inflicted by my own dog.

I agree to notify Dogs Country Club if my dog is exposed to any contagious diseases (e.g., kennel cough, parvovirus). I understand that whilst the greatest care is taken to avoid the spread of such diseases, where dogs are in close proximity it is not always possible to prevent. I agree that I will not hold Dogs Country Club responsible in such an event.

I agree to take every form of precaution to ensure that my dog remains free of all contagious diseases and to inform Dogs Country Club immediately, in the event that my dog should contract any such infectious or contagious disease. I understand that in such circumstances my dog would be unable to attend day care until the condition is resolved, regardless of any bookings already scheduled.

I give my consent for my dog to be photographed, videotaped and used in any media or advertising by Dogs Country Club without my prior approval and accept that such material is the property of Dogs Country Club.

I understand that treats are given during activity sessions at Dogs Country Club and that it is my responsibility to make staff aware if my dog is unable to have treats or has any specific allergies.

I understand that female dogs are not allowed to attend day care whilst in season (for most dogs this usually occurs twice per year, lasting for approximately 2-3 weeks each time).

Annual vaccination treatments must be kept up to date and a copy held on our files. All dogs should be treated for fleas and worms. We do strongly advise that you have your dog kennel cough vaccinated, once vaccinated, your dog cannot attend the day care for 3 days after treatment.

Private pet insurance is recommended for all dogs.


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