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Crafty Canines Workshop

‘CRAFTY CANINES’ is a live seminar to come and talk about your dogs, deal with any difficulties you may have, get some training & watch demonstrations, try some agility, talk to a nutritionist about food issues, talk to a trainer or just have some general obedience.
All issues covered such as reactivity, jumping up, pulling on lead, fussy eaters, etc…
You can bring your dog or come alone.
  • Would you like to talk to a trainer for expert advice?
  • Learn new tricks? Deal with problems?
  • Try some agility?
  • Watch demonstrations?
  • Get tips?
  • Have some obedience training?
  • Deal with jumping up?
  • Pulling on the lead, fussy eaters etc?
  • Whatever the reason may be, this is a fun and informative training seminar that you can bring your dog to or come alone and interact with other dog owners, trainers and a nutritionist to help in many areas of your crafty canines.

Things that you need to bring:

  • High Value Treats (Chicken, cheese, ham etc)
  • A toy (One that your dog can tug)
  • A standard lead, collar. You are welcome to use a harness or halti. But strictly no slip leads, or check collars.
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    our twitterour facebook page linkdin youtubeinstagram
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