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Canine Business School

Would You Like To Invest In Your Own Unique And Successful Country Club For Dogs?


Canine Business School :

Dogs Country Club Canine Business School is a learning courses targeting business skills that are essential for running the successful canine business. We will help you to turn your passion and enthusiasm into a profitable and thriving business. Dogs Country Club was the largest unique dog service centre provider in the UK. Learn from the success of Dogs Country Club best practices. Canine Business School will help you to run your own Home Boarding, Daycare, Dog Training, Field Hire and Events business. Through the Canine Business School, we will deliver the best business management practices that we developed and employed over the years. In the short space of time, your new dog business venture will become the beating heart of the community.

At Dogs Country Club we have met over 50,000 dogs and their wonderful owners! We pride ourselves on achieving more than 1000 five star reviews and recommendations and creating the largest unique dog service centre provider in the UK. We are featured in Channel 5 documentaries and have built a sustainable highly profitable unique business model. We know exactly who our customer is, what is expected from the canine service provider and we know how best to deliver the services.


High Speed 2 (HS2) has affected our operation and has taken away our dream to have Dogs Country Club in multiple locations across the UK. Through the Canine Business School, you will learn about your customer and build your own dog business.


Our focus is:

  • Setting up the dog business 
  • Business documentation (Policies)
  • Marketing canine business
  • Know your customer needs
  • Licence and Legal Requirements
  • Skills and training
  • Getting your first customer
  • Taking your bookings
  • Establishing channels of communication between customers and the business.
  • Managing daycare 
  • Maximising your profits 
  • A cost-effective way of running your business 
  • Price structure
  • Customer care and feedback
  •  Boarding your first dog
  • Cleaning routines
  • Dealing with canine accidents and feedback to the customers
  • Getting more customers after COVID. 
  • Improving your social media presence
  • Delivering negative feedback to customers
  • Dealing with difficult customers
  • Dealing with difficult dogs 
  • Registering feeding routine
  • Setting up the field for hire and events in the most cost-effective way.


Coming Soon

Whilst we develop our training courses, tools and resources information over the next coming weeks and months to ensure that we meet the needs of today's dog care professionals we would appreciate your feedback on what you are looking for at and subscription to our mailing list!




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