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About The Team

Martina Miradoli, Head of Training School

Owner and Trainer of Rolling Paws Dog Training

“Outstanding, highly recommended by professionals within the industry”

Martina Miradoli joined the Dogs Country Club in 2015 as our Chief Training Instructor. Martina has a passion for working with dogs and their owners, and using the skills and knowledge she has gained through over 9 years of training, studying canine behavior and competing with her own 3 dogs at both Obedience and Agility, to coordinate training sessions and support our customers in many different ways.

Martina has been trained by international professionals from a variety of backgrounds, such as: Irene Unkauf; Nicola Giraudi; John Ekloff, just to name a few. She has also completed a multitude of online courses and academies, which includes:

  • Lauran Langman and Tom Mitchell’s ‘Absolute Dogs
  • Susan Garret's ‘H360
  • Jakko and Janita's ‘One mind Dog’

Martina Miradoli is a member at CSEN ‘National Educational Sport Center’and fully qualified Dog Trainer for CSEN, an accredited Instructor by Alexa Capra “Gentle Team” behavior specialist, LLAAI Level 4 Instructor (Lauren Langman Accredited Agility Instructor Course) and Competitive Obedience trainer.  Qualified dog trainer by M&M Dog Trainer in Italy under the CSEN CONI.

Martina specializes on workshops, training camps, puppy classes, obedience for pets, competitive obedience, competitive agility; she works with reactive dogs at all levels, and can also provide outstanding 1-2-1 training with you and your dog.

At Dogs Country Club Martina is teaching:

  • Puppy Foundation Class (Kennel Club Good Citizen Scheme)
  • Bronze (Kennel Club Good Citizen Scheme)
  • Silver (Kennel Club Good Citizen Scheme)
  • Gold (Kennel Club Good Citizen Scheme)
  • Agility Club (Begginers, Intermediate, Advance)
  • Rally-O
  • Reactive Dog Scheme
  • 121
  • Managining excitability 
  • Home Visits 

Dee Waddup, Manager /Dog Training Instructor

Dee has been working with dogs in various capacities for nearly five years but first came to Dogs Country Club in 2017. While her main role is still Day Care Manager in 2018 she successfully completed the Wagga-Wuffins  NOCN Endorsed Training Programme 'The Practical Application of Teaching People and Training Dogs' with Distinction, gaining ADTI (Approved Dog Training Instructor) accreditation.

Dee loves all dogs of all sizes and has the privilege of being able to meet and care for the many different breeds that attend daycare every day.  Her passion is to build relationships between owners and their dogs through science-based positive training that’s fun! Dee provides class courses in puppy training, lead walking, recall and scent work.

Dee has two dogs of her own, Buzz the Husky cross Malamute and Ursa the German Shepherd. Both dogs passed their Kennel Club Good Citizen Bronze award at the start of the year and will be looking to continue onto silver soon. But for now, they are concentrating on Scent Detection work and have recently started Mantrailing for fun.      

Since completing her DTI course Dee has also completed the following courses:

  • UK Sniffer Dogs Scent Detection Bronze Instructor (Silver course booked for September)
  • Sarah Fisher’s Think Dog Certificate
  • Jane Arden’s Controlling Crazy Canines  

At Dogs Country Club Dee is teaching:

  • Puppy Foundation Class (8 weeks course)
  • Lead Walking (6 weeks course)
  • Super Recalls (6 weeks course)
  • Scent Work Series 1
  • Socialising assesment 

Holly Peet, Training Coordinator

Holly Peet joined Dogs Country Club in 2016 as a Dog Training Assistant to Martina Miradoli, our Chief Training Instructor. Through this, she was able to gain hands-on experience in Puppy Socialisation, Kennel Club Good Citizen, Reactive Dogs, Agility, Recall, Loose Lead Walking & Tricks Training, whilst working closely with dogs from all backgrounds on both a 1-2-1 basis and in large groups.

Since then, Holly has progressed to the Role of Training Coordinator. She works managing our trainers’ schedules and courses, as well as communicating with customers to help you choose the best course for you and your dog to ensure that you continue to make progress whilst training with us. She is able to provide free assistance in planning your training path with us, as well as providing socialisation assessments to check if your dog is suitable to get involved in our Training Sessions, Doggy Day Care & Play Sessions etc.

Holly has a keen interest in Dog behaviour and welfare and has taken part in numerous courses including:

  • Canine First Aid Workshop – Rachel Bean
  • Dog Massage Workshop – Nicky Crowe
  • Dog Yoga Workshop – Nicky Crowe
  • T-Touch Workshop – Rachel Jackson
  • Reactive Dogs Workshop – Martina Miradoli

Holly also has her own reactive dog, Bernie the Terrier Cross. He is the reason that she has taken a keen interest in Reactive Dogs and how to manage their behaviour.

Please note

At Dogs Country Club we only use positive training methods and will not allow the use of any of the following:

  • choke chains
  • shock collars
  • citronella collars
  • pinch collars

We do accept and encourage the use of:

  • flat collars
  • harnesses
  • head collars


It is with great sadness that due to the current situation we are facing with Covid 19 and the pending extinguishment of Dogs Country Club in the coming months due to HS2; we have made the decision to bring forward the permanent closure of Dogs Country Club Ltd from Friday 3rd April 2020.

To offer a continuation of service to our key workers, Dee Waddup our Day Care Manager has agreed to carry on offering a day care service in her own name. From Tuesday 7th April 2020 Dee’s Dogz will provide a day care service from Tuesday to Friday 6.30am to 6.30pm for all key workers at the same site.

A new booking system will be going live on Wednesday 1st April – clients are able to create their own profiles to make and manage bookings through the mobile app. Again, in a bid to reduce contact all payments will be made through the app, using its secure integrated paying system.

Please contact Dee on 07885 758923 or email

If you are not currently a DCC client but are a key worker in need of day care please do get in touch. 

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